Encrypted Messages Can Be Caught by Denis WhatsApp

whatsapp messages intercepted

WhatsApp Denies Encrypted Messages Can Be Intercepted

The key is not to get lost in the new WhatsApp offline for users to transport the product to ensure that the message is related to the delivery of the message, encrypted messages can be read or intercepted by the stage of the design decisions are denied the reports.  (TOP NEWS ZONE)

The Guardian reported on Friday a security vulnerability, Facebook and others to intercept and read encrypted messages, WhatsApp messages can be found within the service.

Backdoor ‘to force the governments to express streams WhatsApp messages WhatsApp messages is to prevent people from losing millions in a post this morning a story claiming that an intentional decision to the Guardian, TechCrunch, sent a statement to this argument, false, “a company spokesman said.

WhatsApp Denies Encrypted Messages

WhatsApp their system ‘backdoor’ governments to create a backdoor and will fight any government request, he said.

To alert them to potential security risks from the loss of millions of messages to prevent the reference to the story of the ‘Guardian of design decisions, and WhatsApp provides security alerts to the public, “the statement said.

It has published a technical white paper in your encryption design and receives about government requests, Facebook requests that the report is transparent about the publication of the data requests.

Tobias security problem Boelter, a cryptography and was discovered by security researcher and reported by The Guardian.

“Asked by a government agency WhatsApp, then your message to expose the key issue because it can be used to record changes in the ‘Boelter was quoted as saying.

However, many commentators security vulnerability, of being mentioned is nothing new “, but rather within the encrypted key to the long-term problem of how to implement a verification system have discovered a rehashing. ‘

“This is what you wanted to run a backdoor WhatsApp now run some more obvious, such as the history of all conversations triggered alanate kaka with a certain secret message, the disorder can be explained to a programming bug ‘Boelter was quoted as saying.

In April 2016, he reported them, because Facebook does not fix blame.

So maybe it’s a bug in the first, but it started being used as a backdoor discovered, “he said.

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